New rehearsal space

Good day everyone
John here, I am still recovering from a grueling repaint/restoration we did on our rehearsal space.

For the longest time, the room has been a bright fire engine red with white trim, which was cool for all of about a week and then it just became a room where we jammed and stored our gear. We never hung out at the rehearsal space, we never really relaxed and made interesting stuff happen there.

Until recently. Rocky had the idea to repaint and reorganize the room to make it feel more like a media room or a creative space. After 5 gallons of paint, and about 20 hours of labor, we finally have a new rehearsal space that we are proud of and feel extremely energized about!

We expect to write our next album in this room, as well as put out more vlogs and playthroughs in the future. The vibe is finally here at our headquarters, and we wanted to share our progress with all of you!

See it HERE